Bunny Preps: Boracay 2013

Blissful beach bumbeedumdum in a week. I am an excited bunny.

Last week Le Boyfriend, JayBear, proposed a 3-day-2-night trip to Boracay this coming October! *sweet*

Since then, I have been making lists of all things related to the trip that I could think of. Yes, I love lists like that. Another yes for “I am an organizing freak.”

So here is the list of  things that I’ve finished in preparation for the said trip:

  • Projected Budget
  • “Things to bring” checklist
  • Travel Itinerary
  • “Things to buy” checklist
  • Boracay contact numbers list
  • Boracay activities list
  • Boracay hotels list
  • Boracay foodie spots list
  • Boracay shopping spots list
  • Miscellaneous list

See my obsession? Hehe. I feel so productive already I want to make more! MORE! MOOOORE!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what other things should I be prepared about, so while I’m doing that I shall stare at this wonderful imagery of Boracay courtesy of none other than Department of Tourism’s a-bit-long-but-aptly-called-website itsmorefuninthephilippines.com.

Image from Google

Should you have anything helpful for me, feel free to write below. ^___^


Hop hop hopping away,

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*More information about Boracay:


*Didn’t like my post?



8 thoughts on “Bunny Preps: Boracay 2013

  1. Hi Bem, thanks for dropping by my blog! Don’t forget to get some calamansi muffins at Real Coffee! They’re always out of stock because of the demand and I super regret not getting those during my summer trip. If they’re available at the store, go get ’em. I was in Boracay last week and was finally able to try them. They’re marvelous 🙂


    1. Hi Angel! Thanks for dropping by, too!
      Oh yes, I surely will. I’m really curious as to how calamansi would taste in my muffins.
      Thank you so much for your helpful tips, I’ll keep them in mind. 🙂


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