Curious Bunny: Near-Death-Experience

Well, judging from my blog’s  name you could probably guess that I’m a big fan of all things cute and cuddly,

However,  there’s also a part of me that has been obsessed over the paranormal.

I used “obsessed” because really, that’s how I am with these “things.”

Also, please don’t think of me fawning over vampires like those found in Twilight, and the like. Those that I’ve obsessed about were seriously better than them in any way imaginable, think of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire.

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Hotter, no?

Moving on, for your imagination’s and my dignity’s sake, let me just share with you how I was during my teenage phase of being vampire-obsessed:

  • I had an account in most  forums about vampires, and was quite active
  • I was using an email that was for “vampire fans only”
  • I gave myself a vampire name
  • I researched about them every time I visit the library, and borrowed books about them
  • I had the books photocopied so that I could have my own copies of them

Aaaaand those are just some of what I did to quench my hunger of knowing about these… “things.”

Okay, so now that we’ve established my curiosity for all things “mysterious”, let’s get moving to an article that I stumbled upon while reading up on the world’s current events:

Image from Google

A very cool video’s also shared there for anyone who’s not much of a reader. ^___^

The article’s first few phrases were this,

The brains of dying rat’s brains have shown signs of conscious perception – even after the animals’ hearts stopped beating and no blood was reaching them.

See, it’s always the first impression that lasts: editors at Huffingtonpost commits serious grammatical offenses. Haha.

So let me make it  better (sorry Huffingtonpost),

The dying rat’s brains have shown signs of conscious perception – even after the animals’ hearts stopped beating and no blood was reaching them. (Edited)

Well, I’ve heard from some people working in the medical field that humans retain electrical signals longer in the brain than they do in other parts of their body after dying, thus it was commonplace for them to see a dead person raising an arm or a leg even after announcing their death.

Sounds creepy? Nah, you’re too sexy for that.

Let’s both take a look at some very interesting  facts (although not yet conclusive) that could show that this is actually caused by the mischief of our cute, little brains.

Image from Google

Hello there, you naughty you.

Here are some fun facts shared by the article:

  • Out-of-this-world experiences have been reported by 1/5 of people who were announced “clinically” dead after a heart attack
  • A short-lived surge of widespread, highly synchronized brain activity have been observed in dying rats 30 minutes after a heart attack.
  • Many known electrical signatures have exceeded levels found in waking state while in near-death-experience.
  • The brain is capable of conducting a well-organized electrical activity during the early stages of clinical death.

Soooo, during these out-of-this-world experiences, where the brain is bombarding you with electrical signatures in a well-organized and planned out manner ala mafia king, people have reported to have seen a bright tunnel of light, inviting… enticing them to go in… like moth to fire.

Let me just say that, the brain is sooooo melodramatic. Amazingly melodramatic, it’s romantic.

Moments before someone dies, he makes sure that the end will be memorable, although you wouldn’t be able to remember it, or will you?

If you don’t die, that is.


I love carrots,

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