Bunny Boo-boos: Beach-y Bikinis

Being the fat bunny that I am, I’m currently having troubles finding the right bikini.

Image from Google

See that hint of sadness in my eyes?

Well, lately, I feel like I’ve gained 50 pounds since God-knows-when and I am in a state of panic.

I have to shed off at least 5 pounds… in less than 7 days. O____O

Ugh. I’m hopeless.

So to get my mind off my thighs, let me just share with you some beachwear pieces that I want to have in my closet.

Let me call this part my “Bembunny Swimmies Wishlist 2013.” ❤

  • First off, the retro-inspired high-waist bikini. A perfect suit to cover up bulging tummies like mine. See how it just gathers the eyes towards the thinnest part of the body? I love that.
Image from Google
  • Well, I’d also love to have a good and comfy pair of patchwork sneakers. This pair is so cool, and looks like a very doable DIY project, too.


  • A cool, beach fedora. Fashionable in and out of the shore.  Excellent way to keep my pretty fat face out of the sun.
Image from Google
  • Hippie accessories. Nice vibe, eh? Great, euphoric colors that would definitely stand out even during non-summer months.
Image from Google
  • A color-blocked, and well-constructed rashguard for my future surfing needs. Well, of course, I gotta learn how to swim first. Haha.
Image from Google
  • And of course, Adriana Lima’s body.  I LOVE her!
Image from Google

I’d say that was a nice way to end my list. ^____^ I feel better already!


Peace, love, and muffins,

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