Bunny Hops: Movie Sundays

Sundays are special.

These are the days when Le boyfriend and I, make it a point to watch two or more movies.

“Two or more?!” People, in disbelief, would usually assume we were rich. I would have said, “rich with love”, but it was too cheesy I would’ve melted if I said it out loud.

So I’ll just answer with, “Yes, we take the phrase ‘movie buffs’ to a higher level.”

We usually decide on what movie to watch while in front of the cinema’s jumbo movie sched, but today, I want the liberty  to choose beforehand.

Here’s the list of my choices:


1.) Romance

Image from Google

About Time

Well, I love Rachel McAdams. She usually looks so vulnerable in her movies, and I adore vulnerability.


2.) Adventure

Image from Google
  • The Chronicles of Riddick

I’ve watched the first Riddick movie, and I enjoyed it mainly because Vin Diesel was there.

Like any other person on Earth, I watch movies to watch the actors. Hehe.


3.) Horror

images (3)
Image from Google
  • Insidious 2

Le Boyfriend is not a big fan of horror movies. Well, me neither, as proven by the fact that I chose the movie poster’s version without any trace of the gawking, pale, and distorted creature that I despise.

However, it’s always good to spice things up a bit between me and Le Boyfriend sometimes, so this is included in my list.


4.) Fantasy-Adventure

Image from Google
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Like Riddick, I’ve also watched the first movie.

I liked it mainly because it’s the kind of movie where you don’t have to think much, and we really need some relaxation time, thus, this is added into my list, too.

To add to that,  the hero, Percy, is a little cute.


5.) Action

Image from Google
  • Prisoners

I haven’t really heard of this, nor have I seen the trailer, but the poster looks promising. Or…. maybe it’s because of Hugh Jackman. Haha.

The tagline sounds like the tagline used for his recent Wolverine movie.

I do hope he gives a much better, and different acting strategy for this one.


Okay, that’s about it.

I’ll share what we watched, and if I’m not too scared to do something for the first time, I’ll write a (hopefully, decent) review of it, too.

Hmmm… after pondering about what movie to watch, I am now deeply thinking of what clothes to wear.


Life’s complicated,

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