Bunny Hops: Antique 2013

This is a photo that I took in Antique, late March of this year.

Antique, pronounced as “an-TEE-keh”, is a province found in the Western Visayan region of the Philippines.

The province’s name, according to most history books came from the word “Hantik”, the name of a large red ant commonly found in the island.

The name was adopted by the Spaniards and was French-ified, from Hantik to Hantique to Antique. How chic. Haha.

The province is not that popular among tourists, although it has a few good things to offer. It has been tagged as the place where the mountains meet the seas, and it has interesting areas where rice fields are located along the shore.

The local government needs to give much, much, more effort in developing its local tourism. Like really.  Like now.


Anway, I took this photo during our 5 AM stroll along the shore as the  sun was just peeking through, and the sky has this beautiful hue of baby pinks and blues.

As you can see, a fisherman is trying to catch small shrimps using angled netted traps, and I was just drawn to his careful motion while he was pulling his boat.

The fisherman’s smooth movement in congruence with the gentle lapping of the waves, made me want to take a photo that I felt could capture the serene and tranquil feeling of that particular moment.

Some fishermen have finished their night’s job of fishing and had already docked their boat ashore, though I didn’t take photos of them.

No, I’m not a photographer, so don’t expect too much here, but the sky’s color is awesome, donchatink?


Fishing for carrots,

Processed with Rookie



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