Bunny Spots: Runner Runner

As preparation for my movie Sun-‘date’ during the last week of September, I wrote a list of the movies that I wanted to see here:



Come that time with Le Boyfriend, he decided, and…

We ended up watching, “Runner, Runner” which stars Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Gemma Atherton.


The cast is motivating enough, so even if the movie wasn’t in my original list, I obliged.


images (2)


Anyway, the movie started a little slow.

Scrap that,  it was actually slow all through out.

Even the supposed wow-I-did-not-see-that-coming ending did not end with a bang.

Save for Justin Timberlake who looked hot everytime, the movie was so-so to borderline boring.

I would prefer it if they delved deeper into the world of online gambling which is something that’s relevant and new, but they didn’t.

So in the end, I would not really recommend that you watch it in the cinemas, rather, if you’re really interested, go out and rent it in DVD and watch it with a couple of beers.


Run, Bunny, Run,

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