Bunny Spots: About Time


Sundays are special, (like I always say) because it’s the time for me and Le Boyf’s movie Sun-“date”.

During the last week of September, we watched two movies, “Runner, Runner”, which I’ve already posted here, and “About Time”, to which I am having difficulties sharing a decent review and recommendation because I liked the cast.

About Time trailer - video
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I LOVE Rachel McAdams sweetness, and Domhall Gleeson’s charm in the movie, but the time-traveling plot of the movie itself is a bit discomforting for me.

There were a lot of inconsistencies, so I was confused most of the time.

One of which is when he time-traveled past his child’s birthday but it seems his child would change if he does that, so he went back to the current time and everything’s back the way he wants it to be, which made me think that he was actually traveling through different dimensions, and not only within time itself. (Even my explanation is confusing, haha.)

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I liked the last part though, where they laid out the “Ultimate Advice of Happiness” of Tim’s father to him, which is to just live life in the present, and just soak up its sweetness and bitterness (and of course to not do anything stupid that would ruin everything just because you can do it).

Well, as you can see, I really adore the saying:

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

and, it matches up perfectly in that last bit of the movie, even if it wasn’t their main focus.

So, because of that last bit that matched up with my favorite motto, hmmm… Okay, I’d give it a thumbs-up, and I’d recommend that you watch it with anyone who likes a bit of a romantic-confusing-comedy-drama movie.


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