Bunny Boo-boos: A Book List

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It’s been awhile since I’ve typed something here.


Well, I’d just like to share why I have been MIA (Missing In Action) for quite sometime.

I have been typing up my own list of books in preparation for… my own library.


I’m a nerd, like that.


So typing up this “list” is rather ambitious.

Image from Google
Image from Google

A thought that I’ve realized just a few minutes from now when I’ve exhausted myself, my keyboard and google from all the work.

Add to that,  I’ve not finished even 10% of the list. UGH. O_O


Aaaaand, you’re probably guessing why I’ve posted Marilyn Monroe’s picture here.

Well, let’s just say she’s my motivation in putting up with all the stresses of being a bookworm.

Who knew reading a book can be so sexy?

So I am now on a mission, to attain ultimate sexiness whilst I busy myself completing my list and my library.

Good luck to that.

Image from Google
Image from Google

Longing for a book fair,

Processed with Rookie



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