Bunny Pops: Out of the Rabbit Hole

Hello there! ^_^


I just saw that my last post was done way, waaaaaaaay, back in October last year.

That was a pretty long time inside the rabbit hole. (Enter rabbit hole picture for entertainment)

Image from Google

Judging from the picture, it looks really cool down the hole, too. Haha.

I’m a bit overwhelmed though. As I think about what to write about these past few months I haven’t been here… I realize… There’s so much to cover! AHHHHH! (Screaming in an excited way, don’t worry)

Okay to start off, let me list down what I will be sharing with you in the next few days:

  1. 2013 Puerto Princesa trip
  2. 2013 Boracay trip
  3. 2013 Antique trip
  4. 2013 Ilog Maria Bee Farm daytour
  5. 2013 Tagaytay trip
  6. 2013 Nuvali daytour
  7. 2013 Museo Pambata daytour (first timer, haha!)
  8. 2013 Laiya, Batangas trip
  9. 2013 Sagada trip
  10. 2014 Boracay (Puka beach moment)
  11. 2014 Albay trip
  12. 2014 Majayjay trip
  13. 2014 Baler trip preps (my trip this month!)

Jeez, I can’t believe I got excited just by jotting down this list. This is $#@^% awesome!

Sorry. Moving on… Here are some other things that I’ve tried that I want to share with you:

  1. 2013 FIBA Championship experience (My first, hopefuly, not the last. Go Gilas!)
  2. 2013 First Project Pie experience
  3. 2013 First try on: Island Roses
  4. 2013 First try on: VMV Hypoallergenics online shop
  5. 2013 First try on: Zalora online shop
  6. 2014: First Beauche beauty experience

I have a few others that I need to add… but for now… off I go as I can already smell some fine stew brewing in the kitchen. Sorry. Food really, really distracts the hell out of me.


You smell like carrots, I like you,

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