Bunny Shares: New Year Thoughts

I am excited.

Scrap that. I am ecstatic. I am filled with curiosity as to what the next few days will be giving me.

I can sense you are, too.

Well, with this “new year, new me” hype during the turn of the year, I know a lot of you will be jotting down their New Year’s list of resolutions.

Have you ever written one? What happened?

I can bet on your ass that it included “losing weight”. I can also bet on that same ass that you have not lost weight, gained even, maybe. HAHA.

Sorry, that was evil. Hahaha.

Seriously, though, “being fit and healthy”, should be a part of our EVERYDAY resolution.

I don’t want to kill your vibe here, so if you really want that particular resolution, go ahead and do so. You are free to help yourself in any way you think possible.

If you think about it, no one really wants the best for yourself but, well, yourself.

Makes sense?

So don’t mind me. I’m just being annoying. Haha.

Anyway, as for my own resolution…

I have decided to be more transparent this coming year. Transparent with my emotions, plans, goals, and all other aspect in my life that I can apply it to.

I think that having a New Year’s resolutions list is good, and you are already on your way to improvement once you’ve thought of one.

I just think that personally, I will not be able to consistently follow through a long list of things that looks like a list of ingredients for, uhm, inconsistency. (Not to mention it’s rather pressuring to have to follow such, I am such a lazy ass, I know… Psssh…)

So there, I only have one thing that I will focus on this coming new year and I am looking forward to see the changes that it will bring to my life and hopefully, to the lives of those around me.

How about you?

What is your new year’s resolution?

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Kiss me like how fireworks kiss the sky… Explosive,

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