Bunny Beeps: How to Take Advantage of Product Samples at VMV

I know that we are only a day away from Valentine’s Day.

I can also feel that you probably have already laid-out your plans of where to go and what to do for that special “love,love,love” day.

Anyhoo… Stressing over plans and making sure everything will turn out perfectly can take a toll on your skin.

I ‘ve had my fair share of breaking out days before a date, and to fix my face requires breaking the bank. Huhuhu.

But it does not have to be so.

And as my good deed for the day, let me share a good way for you to score organic skin helpers at a very, VERY cheap price.

Say it with me: Product Samples

Yes. Those cute, little packages that cosmetics companies give out for you to try out their product.

I’ve found out that each sample costs 25 pesos in VMV’s online website.

I know, it’s not free, but that’s a really, REALLY cheap price already.

And so here’s how to do it:

  • Go to their website:
  • Each category has a “Samples” page in them, just click each tab to find the drop-down menu and the link for that.


  • After you’ve chosen a particular product sample, each will be taken to the cart. Proceed like how you would when buying online.
  • Choose the sample size, and the quantity.


  • Note: VMV limits the number of samples that you can buy, so choose the products that you can really use.
  • To checkout, click this button:


  • It’s necessary that you are registered in their website to be able to buy their products, so register an account if you don’t have one yet.
  • Amazingly, you can also log-in using your Facebook account.


  • Pay (via credit card, I used PayPal)
  • Wait for your package to arrive! Yipeeeee! =)


They ship via LiteExpress Int’l., and it took them 3 days to have my package delivered at my doorstep. (I live in Laguna)


The box looked eco-friendly and chic.


My orders, though small, were packaged well and placed in bubble wraps.

Sorry for the shaky hand. =p
My orders arrived safely in bubble wraps! Yey!

Their product samples were placed in neat, little containers that look like this:

Sample container

The product name was handwritten and it felt very personalized.

VMV07Cool, eh?

So there… who says you have to break the bank just to have flawless skin on Valentine’s day?

I say, click for a new tab and go product-sampling. Hahaha. Scrooge!

To get you more excited, they have a lot of promos this month. Take advantage!

Patch tests are at half the price! WOW!
Patch tests are at half the price! WOW!
My favorite Post-Armada
My favorite Post-Armada Sport at 205 pesos! Yipee!

Eco-friendly Tip:

VMV sample containers are durable, clear and small. Once you’ve used up the product, RECYCLE!

Clean it and use it as a travel container for your other creams.



Ready for Red Day,

Processed with Rookie



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