Bunny Cries: Stop Animal Cruelty in Boracay!

I know that I have already shared something about Boracay, and like most blogs, I focused more on how beautiful the island’s landscape is — how white and powdery its sand is, or how its blue seas glitter under the hot sun.

This time however, I have been made aware that amidst the beauty, there is something ugly that lurks underneath and I cannot just stand here and look away.

So as my good deed for the day,  I will share a chance for everybody to make a difference.

Let’s make Boracay an island that we know is beautiful not only for its enviable sand and sea, but also for its enviable humanity.


I just signed the petition, “Johnny Yap, Mayor of Boracay, Philippines: Stop the Cruel Treatment of Boracay’s Homeless Animals.”

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:


Thank you.


Animals teach us many things, but not one of it is to be cruel,

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