Bunny Writes: A Song For You – DearYou



You, who will sweep me off my mind and not off my feet; not with sweet words and lavish gifts, but with actions, persistent and passionate.


You, who will enjoy freedom in our independence and more so in our unity.

You, who will have faith that together, we can stand brave and mighty.


You, who will be equally curious with my endless curiosity.

You, who will be restless together with the restless me.


You, who will sing with me songs that are perfectly out of tune.

You, who will create spaces for each of our imagination to bloom.


You, who will lovingly care for the things that I care about.

You, who will share words with me in gentle frankness and not with a bitter mouth.


You, who will join me paint our world with the colors of our dreams.

You, who will help me remember – should I forget – that we work as a team.


You, who will trust that I’m like your kite – always tied to you – and you are mine.

You, who will enjoy to see me soar as I enjoy seeing you fly.


You, who will take this promise to your heart, through our rises and falls:

You, who will never need to ask, “Will you be my constant through it all?”


As my good deed for the day, I am sharing one of my favorite songs from Jason Mraz — “Quiet”.

I hope it will inspire you as much as it has inspired me today.

(Click play on the music player below)

The player is tricky at times. If it’s not playing, press the middle of the bar, or refresh the page. 🙂


Inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE,

Processed with Rookie



Didn’t like my post?


Know the lyrics!


Get to know Jason Mraz:



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