Bunny Preps: Mt. Pico De Loro (Palay-Palay) Camping + Trek


A good friend of mine – let’s call him “O” – wanted to try trekking and camping since it’s something he has not tried yet.

I recommended Mt. Pico de Loro or Mt. Palay-Palay – a mountain bordering Nasugbu, Batangas and Maragondon, Cavite. I researched and found that it’s a minor climb, with a 3/9 difficulty and a trail class 1-3 (I have no idea what this means, I’m assuming it’s synonymous to “easy”)- perfect for my beginner friend.

I live south of Manila. As such, I tried finding a blog providing information on how to get there from Alabang – I failed, miserably –  so I decided to make one for myself and for others who will travel to Pico de Loro from south of Manila.

There are two jump off points to the Parrot’s beak / Pico de Loro summit:

Major jump-off: DENR Station, Magnetic Hill, Ternate, Cavite
Minor jump-off: Ternate-Nasugbu Highway, Nasugbu, Batangas

I chose the one in DENR, Ternate so I’ll be sharing directions from Alabang to Ternate.

Directions from Alabang to Ternate via Google Map

~Driving directions:


~Commuting directions

Take the Alabang –  Dasmarinas – Ternate route

Very Important Update: I have already tried this route and it’s a litte more taxing than what I have expected and have written here. First off, after taking a van from Starmall Muntinlupa to Dasmarinas, you will be dropped off at Robinson’s Pala Pala. There is no direct van/jeep to Ternate. Here is the actual route:
Alabang – Dasma (Robinson’s Pala Pala) – Trese Martires – Naic – Ternate
I know. It looks scary. But, I have tried it and it’s still fun, especially when you are lugging around your cool hiking backpack while wearing a cool hiking outfit. Everyone was looking at us with envious eyes, and I felt very much like a celebrity, pro-adventurer ala-Bear Grylls. It was awesome. (Updated March 30, 2015)

From Ternate terminal (last stop of the public vehicle), a tricycle (worth 250 pesos or 75 per head) can be taken to go to the DENR Station.

Of course, being the list-freak that I am, I will not be able to call this post my own if it does not have a list in it. (I have printables and editables for you.)

So, here you go…

My Camping + Trekking Checklist (Overnight)

000102Hooray! I have here PRINTER and EDIT-friendly CHECKLISTS for you!

Overnight Camping Checklist (PRINTER-friendly: PDF)

overnight-camping-checklist (EDIT-friendly: Word format)

I also have my budget checklist. I have accounted possible price increases so as to avoid not having enough money once there.

My Projected Budget Checklist (Alabang – Pico de Loro)

04Another hooray! I have PRINTER and EDIT-friendly BUDGET CHECKLIST versions here for you!

Budget Checklist (EDIT-friendly: Word format)

Pico de Loro Budget Checklist (PRINTER-friendly: PDF)

Budget recommendations:

Minimum budget = 800 pesos

Maximum budget = 1000 pesos

Aaaaand I know that a travel prep post will not be complete without an itinerary, so I also made a projected itinerary.

I also made PRINTER and EDIT-friendly ITINERARIES for you!

You are welcome. Haha.

My Overnight Camping + Trek to Pico de Loro Itinerary

0708As promised, here are the documents you can use:

Pico de Loro Itinerary (PRINTER-friendly: PDF)

Pico de Loro Itinerary (EDIT-friendly: Word format)

I’m sooooo nice, it’s scary. Hahaha.

Don’t forget to check the area’s weather before trekking / hiking. On our scheduled climb, it seems the weather will be quite manageable.

Scroll down for weather site url
Scroll down for weather site url

Note: My documents have spaces for you to write down the actual expenses, activities, and duration of the activities you’ve done, so that you can also track them on your own.

❤ I hope this information and my checklists help you guys one way or another.


*Important Update (as of October 2015): DENR has enforced a new law. Everyone (single hiker or hiking group) is now REQUIRED TO HAVE A GUIDE. This is whether you are a newbie or seasoned hiker.  Please take this into account when computing for your projected expenses. Usual guide fees start from 400 pesos.*


Hop+hike+trek+camp+hop again,

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