Bunny Weeps: Let’s Save Tibet’s Rivers!

I don’t know about you but a trip to Tibet is, and always has been, a part of my bucket list.

It is  one of those places that I associate with spirituality and exploring one’s true self. (Note: I am not a Buddhist)

Recently, I have read that China has been planning on damming Tibet’s rivers to help fuel it’s growing industrialized communities.

Photo credit: Takeaway via Wikimedia Commons

To better understand why this has mistake written all over it, this is a quote from Forcechange.com:

Aside from blocking fish migration, these projects would harm ecosystems downstream that depend on the nutrient-rich silt the rivers bring for survival. Without this silt, the delta would also lose a crucial buffer against rising sea levels.

On a human level, such extensive diversions would hurt downstream communities that depend on the rivers’ waters to irrigate water-intensive crops like rice and wheat.

And this pains me a lot to read:

…protests by local Tibetans have been ignored or even broken up by violence. Forced to move to degraded land, they often live in poverty or have to relocate again.

Please sign the petition below and help save these river ecosystems and the Tibetan people who call them home.

I just signed the petition. To sign yours, please click the link below:



I will see you soon Tibet,

Processed with Rookie

Bembunny ❤


More info about Tibet:


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