Bunny Hops: Baler, Baby, Baler! – HOW TO GO THERE

It’s the middle of summer and I can sense that most of you have already had their fair share of beach bumming by now.

Beach bumming is sooo good but I know that you are looking for something else to do at the beach – something much more exhilarating than digging toes in the sand.

In comes… SURFING!

Well, yeah… It’s not surfing’s peak season and waves could be smaller than what you would expect, but hey, you’d still get an adrenaline rush, a cool photo op and a sexy tan.

Living near Metro Manila, there’s nowhere else I would go to if I want a quick surfing fix but… Baler.

Yep. Baler, baby, Balerrrrrr.

If you’re not familiar where this hell-of-a-paradise is, ch-ch-check this out:


Here’s a bit more information from It’s More Fun in the Philippines:


Cool, huh? Movie producers thought so, too. As such, a movie not-surprisingly titled, Baler, used this historical siege as a setting for a tragic romance between a Filipino native and a Spanish mestizo.


As per usual, I would share driving directions from Alabang, Muntinlupa because I live south of Manila.

Driving to Baler from the Metro would take roughly 12 hours in total.

I can hear your mental screaming from here, twelve f****** hours?!

Like, chill, dude.

6 hours each way is not as bad as you would think. To quote *DOT’s website:

Yes, Baler might be a bit of a drive. But you pass through lush rainforest, generous coast and some bumpy roads, so the drive will stimulate your senses.

And you can never go wrong with a little stimulation here and there.

Add that to some good company, i.e. crazy friends, a romantic partner or fun family members, I am betting it will be a good ride.

Driving Directions (Alabang – Baler):


*DOT = Department of Tourism

If driving – with a little sensual stimulation, hahaha –  for 6 hours to and 6 hours fro is not so appealing to you – I suggest that you take advantage of the joy in riding the Joy Bus (Genesis‘ sleeper bus).

I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a weekend trip to Baler with my previous partner, and some friends (a couple with a very cute baby boy in tow) a few months ago – and I can attest that we all had a joyful and relaxed sleep while commuting.

To entice you more, the Joy Bus has:

  1. a female bus attendant
  2. a built-in-restroom for all your peeing and pooping needs
  3. comfortable seats with enough leg room
  4. free snacks (1 biscuit, etc. + 1 bottled mineral water)
  5. an online booking option, and most importantly,
  6. free Wi-Fi on-board (I know, you were anxious of that, too)

…basic travel conveniences that are, in my opinion, worth 700++ pesos (one-way ticket).

Gahhh, Joy Bus should pay me for this. Haha.

Grabbed from their booking site, their trip schedules are as follow:

Cubao – Baler route
Image from http://www.iwantseats.com.ph/
Baler – Cubao route
Image from http://www.iwantseats.com.ph/

Here’s their online booking site (registration is needed for you to be able to use their services) —> iWantSeats’ Online booking site

Payment methods: BDO / BPI deposit

The site says Gcash and Unionbank payments are available but I haven’t seen any info about them, so it’s safe to assume there are just 2 payment options for now.

Image from http://www.iwantseats.com.ph/

The site asks for a ticketing fee of 25 pesos per ticket. Take that into account.

Image from http://www.iwantseats.com.ph/

*Tip: Take advantage of booking a roundtrip ticket online to eliminate the hassle of lining up at the ticket booth in Baler on your way home – you might get stuck because their tickets get sold out fast.

Take note of Joy Bus’ seating plan. Image from http://www.iwantseats.com.ph/

And once you’re done with choosing your seat, you can print your itinerary. It is necessary to print your itinerary! You have to show that to the bank’s counter for payment. Your itinerary looks like this:

Image from http://www.iwantseats.com.ph/

This very much feels like booking for a flight. Kewl!

So there. Get up, get dressed and get your ass over to Baler. I will see you there!


This is just the first part of a series of posts that I will do about Baler.


I hope that the information I’ve shared here with you would be of great help to ease the pains of commuting and encourage the excitement of planning for a trip.


The sea is calling,

Processed with Rookie

Bembunny ❤


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