Bunny Preps: Baler, baby, Baler! – WHAT TO PREPARE

I’m so excited… and I just can’t hide it…

I’m planning another trip to Baler. Woohoo!

I think that’s one of the best parts of a trip. The PLANNING.

Just typing the word even makes my heart skip a beat! Eep! ❤

Okay, before I zone out and go to lalaland, let me give you a rundown on some of the things that I think will be necessary for a trip to Baler.


This is probably the most important thing to bring… ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

  • VMV Armada Post Procedure Barrier Cream 50+ or VMV Armada Sport 70+ — for super sensitive skin
  • Kojiesan Kids Sunblock SPF30 (I know it’s for kids, don’t judge me) — I use this for my daily afteroon jogs and it has not failed me yet
  • Kojiesan Sunblock Sports SPF50 — I did not get any sunburns despite swimming at high noon
  • Belo Essentials SunExpert Lotion and Face sunscreen — WARNING! I got sunburns all over my face and body despite being under the sun from 9 am ’til 11 am only
  • Banana Boat sunscreen range — this is one of the cheapest that I’ve tried and yet I am most satisfied with it. I have never experienced a burn using it despite swimming from 9 am ’til 3 pm in Puka Beach, Boracay. I only applied it twice back then and I got a tan but not a burn. Sweet.


I have underestimated the necessity of having a rash guard every time I go to the beach. I’ve learned the hard way by getting some serious sunburns on my back and shoulders when we went  up north to La Union. After 6 months, my skin still has not fully recovered. *sniff*

  • Quiksilver — one of the well known, mainstream brands FOR MEN ONLY. According to most surfers and wannabe surfers, this brand is far better than Billabong. My best tip, wait for their sale season and order online. You can get up to 70% off there –> CLICK HERE FOR QUICKSILVER PHILIPPINES’ website (Note: Billabong has no online website yet for PH)
  • Roxy — Quiksilver’s counterpart brand FOR WOMEN ONLY. Yep. You can also order online. Subscribe to their newsletter, and get first dibs on their sale and other cool sporty info. Kewl. —> CLICK HERE FOR ROXY PHILIPPINES’ website

Watchusay?! You are LOW ON BUDGET?! Fret not! There are cheap rashguards available all around the metro. Here are my go-to places for cheap swim & surf clothing:

  • Landmark Makati — for cheap rashguards, and everything else, there’s Landmark Makati. Yep. Rashguard prices there range from 350 PHP ’til 500 PHP. I know they don’t have ultra SPF protection and anti-mutant technology that most expensive brands have – but hey, you’d get protection for your skin from the sun and from stingy jellyfishes at a reasonable price- and that’s your main goal anyway.
  • Instagram — yep. You read it right. There are a lot of sellers in instagram that offer cheap rashguards. I even saw one that sell customized ones (@soakedph). Super Awesome! Just use the hashtag #rashguardph. Tip: Be wary of fake sellers. Do not hesitate to ask for their feedback and shipping proof especially if you feel and see something doubtful on their account.
 Disclaimer: I am neither paid by Quiksilver, Roxy, IG sellers nor by Landmark Makati. 🙂


I know they always say there’s nothing as awesome as traveling and getting lost; but getting lost could also mean headaches, budget shortage and stress – not cool.

So, before heading out with your super kewl surfing gear, make sure you know where the hell you’re headed to.

I have a post dedicated to travel directions to Baler —> BALER TRAVEL DIRECTIONS


As with all travel adventures it’s still best to have your:

  • Map (if driving)
  • Transpo ticket (if commuting)
  • GPS (optional but cool)

No worries, I  wrote a post focusing on travel directions to Baler so just click here: BALER TRAVEL DIRECTIONS


This is your travel prep’s cherry on top.

I know that you are already well aware that the best way to have an awesome adventure starts with research.

Finding out where to go, what to eat, and what to do in any place that you are traveling to is always the first step – the same reason why you’re here on my page.

Your homework then is to put all of your research into a comprehensive and easy-to-follow itinerary – not so fun, I assume.

To lessen your work, I have here a sample itinerary that you can follow:



Like all my other itineraries, I have printer & edit-friendly versions for you! You’re welcome. 🙂

PRINT-friendly: Baler Itinerary

EDIT-friendly: Baler Itinerary


For all other things that you might need to consider for an adventure, check out my other posts here:

Camping + Overnight Tips

Camping + Overnight Preparations

Travel Preparations





Lists = Love ❤

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