Bunny Beeps: I like J

Hi! It’s been awhile and I’ve missed writing!

Anyhoo, I haven’t given an update about my – ahem – romantic endeavors, and I am happy to say that I have found my Sexy Loverbunny! 🙂 Amazing, right?! I knoooow! *dies momentarily due to happiness, but is revived immediately due to same happiness*

He’s such an amazing guy.

Being inspired by all this “awesomeness” of my partner, I had a spontaneous idea of listing down the things that I really like about him and I thought…

“Hey, I can make something really cool out of it by using the “I Like Myself” game.”

If you’re not familiar with it, I played the original game on my previous post, “I Like Bem.”

It’s an awesome game that anyone can do whenever in need of a short and sweet self-esteem boost.

While playing the game I realized how important it is for a person in a relationship to always remember why his/her partner is so awesome it would be crazy not choose him/her.

So, my good deed for the day is a good deed for my partner — my Sexy Loverbunny — and for anyone who is looking for inspiration on how to see his/her partner in a better and more positive light.

**Important note: To play the game, one must list down the things they like about themselves (or his/her partner, any other person, etc) and make sure to FOCUS ONLY ON THE POSITIVE attributes. Clear?  Alrighty!

Let me call my Sexy Loverbunny, J… Like the 10th letter of the alphabet. Kewl, eh? Let’s start! ❤


I like J


I like J, I really do


I like that his voice fills up the room with his wit and humor. I like that he is generous with his family, friends and even with his neighbor.


I like that he is warm with people from all walks of life and he never fails to empathize with those who might not have enough bread for a night.


I like that he is brave enough to face his own demons and humble enough to accept and learn from his mistakes. I like that he will not disappoint me in protecting my heart, whatever it takes,


I like that he follows through with his promises with much consistency and devotion. I like that he helped me heal and learn again to trust another person.


I like that he makes it a point to prioritize his life with me and the people that matter. I like that he works hard to pursue his dreams despite opportunities come like butterfly — fleeting and quick to flutter.


I like that he showers me with all his love and affection. I like that he never fails to give me his quality time and focused attention.


I like that he knows when to lend me a hand and when to trust that with my own two feet, I can stand. I like that he is always by my side and he will never ever leave, even if all our favorite bands decide to disband.


I like that he’s my home and with him I am at my safest — I may not have wings but with him, I can fly.


I like that with me he is also at his safest — I am his home and with me, he can be real — he can even cry.


It’s awesome how I thought this is a good deed for my partner but, come to think of it — this is more of a good deed for myself.


Because then I could go on through out the day knowing in my heart that I know why I value what I value…

And most of the time, it’s the answer that we need to continue doing what we do.

Ain’t that right, my friend? 🙂



Change the world with love and positivity ! Yesssir!

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Bembunny ❤


“I Like Myself” game example

I Like Bem


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