Bunny Shares: Cheap DIY Hair Bleaching / Dyeing, Part 01


I missed writing here, huhu (⌣_⌣”)

Anyhoo, to make it up to you and to myself, my good deed for the day will all be about sharing what I know about DIY hair bleaching / dyeing.

Given that I’m such a scrooge, rest assure that I will share the cheapest ways I know on how to bleach or dye your hair at home.

I will be doing a series of posts about DIY hair bleaching/dyeing, so prepare for a long ride. 🙂

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OMG. I missed listing down things so much!

Alrighty, let’s start with some friendly reminders:

  • Bleaching / dyeing can HARM your hair or even your health. Bleaching / dyeing materials are loaded with chemicals that are made to damage your hair. Yep. Google “negative effects of bleaching / dyeing” and you would surely get information about them possibly being carcinogenic, too. Hmm. I’ll give you a few minutes to digest that.


  • Research first. Stock up your knowledge about hair coloring materials and processes, after-care and maintenance. There are a lot of blog posts about hair color reviews, etc. They’re free! Take advantage.
Screenshot of my Google search
  • Know your skin tone. Like make-up, the color of your hair must complement your skin – a mismatch can ruin your overall appearance aaand prolly leave you with a bad hair day, everyday! Yikes.
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  • Ask away. Don’t be afraid to ask your mom, friend, stylist, colleague, crush (heehee) etc. of their opinion, help and possible diy hair adventure experiences. I’m sure they have one or two up their sleeves. Come to think of it, this is a good excuse to talk to your crush. Hart hart. You are welcome.


  • Buy the necessary tools. Yep. Buy it. Once you have tried to bleach or dye your hair at home, I am betting that there’s 99% chance you’d be doing it again. So, cut the unnecessary struggle of having stained nails, uneven hair color, etc. and just get some decent tools to help you out. You’d thank me later.
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*Tip: Watson’s has a 150-peso hair dye tool kit that includes a comb/brush and mixing bowl while Daiso/Saizen/Japan88 store has an 88-peso kit that includes gloves, cape, plastic ear caps and tinting brush. I bought both and I already have a complete hair dye kit for less than 300 pesos. Cheap, eh?


  • Read the labels and instructions. They are there for a reason and that is to LIMIT you in making stupid decisions from assumptions. Read, read, reaaaaaaad!


  • Prepare your hair at least 3 days before the color treatment. And that means you have to CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION your hair even before you do it. I know that you would later destroy it, LOL, but to lessen the damage, condition beforehand. I have heard others say that conditioning before coloring or bleaching can probably lessen the intensity of the lift or color but based on my experience, it has made the color of my hair more vibrant. #truestorybro 🙂


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*Tip: I condition my hair with extra virgin olive oil / pure virgin coconut oil at least 3 days before I dye/bleach, and after years of doing diy hair treatments, my hair is still doing okay (normal hair fall, soft, not dry, looks healthy enough) . I usually massage the oil before going to bed and leave it on overnight (preferably with a night cap). Results? An oily face because I usually forget putting a night cap on. LOL. But, I have a thicker albeit a little coarser texture of hair in the morning. The coarseness goes away after a good shampoo.
  • Do a skin allergy test beforehand. We have already agreed earlier that hair bleach/dye agents contain harmful chemicals so do yourself a favor and do a 24/48-hour skin test beforehand. This is of utmost important especially if you know that your skin is more sensitive than most.


  • Try to document your hair journey.  This will help you compare how better / worse you look after your hair bleach/dye. It is not necessary but I highly recommend it because it will be easier for you to choose a better hair color next time. Plus! You can blog about it! LOL.
Ginger hair days. January 2014


I hope Part 1 helped you decide whether you are ready for a diy hair bleach/dye!

See you on Part 2!








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