Bunny Shares: Cheap DIY Hair Bleaching / Dyeing, Part 03

Yey! Part 03! 🙂

For Pre-bleach/dye info check out Part 01: Reminders and Part 02:Review.

Please check ’em out before scrolling down, ayt?!

This post will cover my latest hair color/dye experience using a cheap, local brand.


Let’s start with the basics.


  • A ratty, old shirt that you can mess up:
Old, highschool P.E. shirt
  • Petroleum jelly
Cheap tub of Petroleum jelly from SM Bonus
  • Plastic gloves
Disposable plastic gloves
  • Plastic hair cap (optional but recommended especially if you have long hair)
Disposable plastic hair caps. Available at HBC for 14 pesos per 2 hair caps.
  • Plastic tinting brush
Available at Watson’s for less than 150 pesos. This is sold with a plastic mixing bowl.
  • Plastic comb
A regular plastic comb wide enough to remove tangled hair and even out hair dye.
  • Plastic mixing bowl
Available at Watson’s for less than 150 pesos. This is sold with a tinting brush.
  • Keratin oil treatment
2 sachets for 35 pesos at HBC
  • Color / tint cream
Available at HBC for 185 pesos per box
  • Developer / Oxidizing agent
Sold for 35 pesos per bottle at HBC. One (1) color cream needs two (2) bottles of developer. 12% volume produces a higher lift or lighter bleach.

*Important! Please avoid using metallic tools (metallic comb, mixing bowl, etc) for hair dying/bleaching. The metallic components can affect the safety/efficacy of the hair bleach/dye agents.

*Another reminder! Do not throw the color cream’s box. It contains instructions, guidelines, ingredients, etc. that you will need. Make sure that you have read and understood everything that’s written in the color cream’s box before proceeding.


Step 01: Slather on a good amount of petroleum jelly on your hairline, nape and ears to avoid staining them.

Check your hair condition and make sure that your hair is clean and dry before the dyeing process. This is my hair condition before dyeing. I have brown streaks because I dyed my hair dark brown 6 months ago.

Step 02: Take out the color cream’s box, cut it to expose the information inside. Read and reread it while you are doing the dyeing process.

The box’s info covers the pre-dye, dye mixture prep and application processes.
Take note of the difference in application and color development time for each hair condition.

Step 03: Mix one color cream tube with 2 bottles of developer in a plastic mixing bowl.

The color cream looked very yellow when it was first  pumped out of the tube.
The reddish colored cream was stuck at the end of the tube.


Pump out the developer into the mixing bowl
Remember to mix two (2) bottles for every one (1) color cream tube
Mix the two well using your tinting brush
Try to get a good consistency. The Light Ruby variant that I bought turned out purplish after mixing.

Step 04: Work through your hair in sections. It is better to have someone dye your hair for you.


Step 05: Cover every inch of your hair with the hair dye mixture. You can spritz water onto your hair mid-process to ensure an even color.

Few seconds after application. The mixture was very purple.

Step 06: Stay put and wait for the color to develop.

The mixture became reddish after 15 minutes.


30 mins of waiting time and it was already reddish orange. A little itchy already.

Step 07: Rinse your hair with tap water, preferably lukewarm. Rinse until water runs clean. Do not use shampoo!

Step 08: Towel dry hair. *Note: It is better to use a DARK-COLORED TOWEL.

This is my sister, LOL. She colored her ends with the same mixture I used.

Step 09: While still damp, massage the Keratin oil onto hair. Cover with hair cap and allow to process for 30 minutes.

Still my sister, LOL. She massaged the Keratin oil on her hair, scalp and ends. I did the same thing.


Step 10: Rinse Keratin oil and do not use shampoo.

Step 11: Towel / air / blow dry hair and admire your new hair style. Take lots of photos! LOL. 😀



new (2).JPG
Tadah! Successful ginger hair project! This photo was taken infront of a window at high noon. No filter!

Step 12: Continue using the HBC Keratin oil treatment pack instead of shampoo for at least the next three (3) days. Good luck!


I hope this post could help you with your own hair bleach/dye adventure. Part 04’s coming up! See you soon!




Ginger! ❤




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