Bunny Beeps: Hugot Lines, Part 01


Two days after V-day, a lot of people are probably still hung up on how they celebrated Valentine’s day or for some, SAD (Single Awareness Day).

Well, me, too. Hehe.

I was supposed to go to this spoken word event about bitterness in love, but I chose to spend a more quiet and relaxed evening with my Lovebunny. I was happier with my choice, LOL.

Anyhoo, I am still quite amused with this trend of #hugotlines, #ampalaya and #walangforever on social media that I decided to join in the bandwagon. Seems fun. 😀

Aaaand, since I want my posts to be good deeds, my good deed for the day will warn women about the types of men that they should avoid.

Lez go to our first No-No guy:


1. The Damaged Goods

Yep. This guy got burned from a marriage or a serious relationship.

It will be difficult to sustain a connection because he has built up a wall of distrust around him. It’s possible that he wants a relationship that’s better than what he came out of BUT! he’s still not emotionally and mentally ready for you. I am sure you’d only fall into a roller coaster of assumptions, expectations and disappointment.

Take this to heart, run away or forever be an #abanger.


2. The Man-Child

We all love a mama’s boy. He’s adorable. He’s cute. But this one’s different.

This is a guy who just don’t want to grow-up.

Every night is like a college frat party. Every date involves a beer. Every weekend revolves around his friends. Ugh, it’s like you are dating a thirteen year old who’s still going through puberty.

He probably thinks cheating is cool, too. Meh. So uninteresting.

So, if you want to look 40 when you’re still in your 20s because of stress, go ahead and go crazy, but if you want a mature and meaningful relationship that will not stress the hell out of you, this is not the guy for you. Scoot!


3. The Commitment-Phobic

This guy could be an extension of the Man-Child, but not always.

This guy could have everything going for them BUT he would rather date 30 years than commit.

This is a stereotypical-bachelor-for-life kind of guy. I reiterate. FOR LIFE.

If you want to marry, have kids and build a future with someone as awesome as you, girl, you are barking up the wrong tree.


4. The Booty Caller

This guy dates for only one reason. ONLY ONE!

And, sorry, it’s not love.

The booty caller will likely be checking out other people while on the date with you, not paying attention to a thing you are saying.

Instead of complimenting your mind or personality, his compliments will strictly be about your looks and will generally be suggestive in nature.

If you are looking for booty calls at 2am and sleepless nights questioning yourself if relationship labels are really necessary, then have at it, my friend.

But if you are looking for a meaningful relationship that does not revolve around boobs and booty and some other dumb shit, go the other way.

Hate this kind of guy. really. Pain the ass, literally and figuratively. Ugh.


5. The Narcissist

Warning! This guy can cause serious damages to your self-esteem and overall mental health.

This guy will love himself more than he will ever be capable of loving you.

Narcissists generally attract mates who are codependent because they are often so eager to please. Codependents are generally passive by nature and don’t like to make waves in their lives. They are often submissive and easily manipulated, while the narcissist is controlling and calculated.

A relationship with this guy will be very tumultuous. TUMULTUOUS.

If you don’t know the word. Trust me, it does not have a very pleasant meaning.

Go find someone else.


6. The Big Talker

This is the guy who makes the big plans.

He will talk about romantic trips you are going to take, a wedding, children and home ownership.

He is all about the talk and never about the action.

Something will always come up, or he’ll pretend the conversation never happened to begin with. He will get your hopes up and let you down so often that you learn to put little to no faith in anything he ever says.

Avoid pain and disappointment and just date someone who’s got his feet on the ground.


Whew! That was… bitter. LOL.

Anyhoo, please note!

I love men. I am currently in love with an amazing man and I have awesome male friends who are a far cry from the kinds of men listed above.

I did not post this because I hate men. I condone misandry and am not, and never will be, a man-hater. I wholeheartedly believe that there are A LOT of good men out there who deserve a good woman’s love and who’s also had his fair share of bumping into one or more not-so-good kind of woman in the dating pool.

This is my first post for the topic of “hugot lines” and I will be posting something of this sort meant for men. Don’t worry my dear men, I got something for you,too. ❤




Peace, love and hugot pa more,




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