Bunny Beeps: 10 Signs He Doesn’t Want You (Romantically)

Well, ladies.

I know we’ve all been through one of the most confusing states that we could ever be in our lifetime one way or another.

And that is deciphering whether a man is romantically into us or not.


It’s probably one of the most worry-inducing yet wildly interesting (curious me, sorry) part of being a woman, whether in a relationship, or single and dating.

So, to help ease our minds and encourage peace within, let me list down the things that we should take into consideration when we are at our wit’s end during this tumultuous (WTF, dictionary!) and restless times.

1. He’s not around you

This is the biggest – and probably most noticeable. If a man likes you, he will find a way to get close to you, physically.

Once he decides he likes you, there will be a need for him to be in your environment thus propelling him to even go out of his way sometimes just to be “around” you.

Pay close attention!

If a man is not asking you out on a real date, (when in a relationship) disappears for days or weeks and acts like it’s not a big deal – then do both yourself a favor and strut your sexy butt away.

2. He is comfortable talking about being interested in other girls.

Woman. If that man not only talks about other girls to you – but talks about wanting them on a more physical level, even wanting to date them – that’s a VERY clear sign he’s not seeing you as a romantic pursuit.

For the love of me, walk-stride-hop-run-gallop away.

3. He has no interest in talking to you.


This is a very direct action – or in this case, lack of action – that would tell you he’s just not interested.

BUT do not immediately assume his disinterest based on his inability to reply to your text messages within X number of minutes.

Texting habits are a little tricky to decode when it comes to men.

So, just go with the general rule – If the person has enough time to talk to you and NEVER ACTS ON IT, then that’s a clear sign he’s not interested.

I remember I once told a girlfriend that if he has time to do leisurely things (i.e., cleaning the booger up his nose, jk.) then he should still be very able to text you. Remember, a simple text can take up as little as less than a minute of his time.

Take that information in and let it reverberate. Ba-da-boom, ba-da-boom.

4. His body language/general behavior.

I think humans are built with the ability to decode non-verbal messages through body language. Some people are better at it, but all of us have been equipped with this skill.

So I know that it will be very obvious when someone is not focused on you – avoiding eye contact, positioning his body away from you, not engaging in the conversation so that means no smiling and no nodding to show interest.

I remember a TED talk I’ve watched about body language and business. And do you know what they said? – that the most powerful CEOs in the world  are also the most adept in reading non-verbal language. Yep.

So think like a boss. Observe non-verbal cues and act appropriately.

5. He’s always busy. He always disappears.


A man will make the time for a woman he’s interested in. Period.

If you are in a relationship and he takes vacations from the relationship with no warning it means he isn’t worried about losing you, and this is never a good sign.

If a man knows for certain that you’ll always be there waiting in the wings, no matter how badly he behaves, he won’t respect you and he definitely won’t want to commit to you.

His disappearing acts serve more as a way to let you know this relationship isn’t serious and he is still free to do what he wants. It’s his way of letting you know that you aren’t a deciding factor in where he goes and what he does.

And that, for me, spells… R-U-N.

Yep. I will run, bunny, run – away from that man.

6. He constantly flakes on you.


When a man says he’d do one thing for you and does not follow through, sets up a date at the last minute, keeps on rescheduling dates, and CONSTANTLY stands you up during dates (i.e. does not show up) – he doesn’t want you.

To be fair – If a guy did miss out on a date once, or even twice (due to valid reasons) – he will go out of his way to make it up to you. Tested and proven.

7. There’s no difference between how he talks to you vs. other friends. Casual tone of voice.

This is something that I am personally keen about.

If a man talks to me like how he talks to his buddies, I make it a point to put him in his proper place – my highly guarded “friendzone” universe and I make sure he never gets out. Haha.

Anyhoo, when a man is interested in you, it will show. However subtle – the way a man acts, therefore the way he speaks – with and around the woman he wants will have a noticeable difference.

As a basic dating rule, always be observant of how he interacts with people in general.


…To be continued…




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Bunny Beeps: Hugot Lines, Part 01


Two days after V-day, a lot of people are probably still hung up on how they celebrated Valentine’s day or for some, SAD (Single Awareness Day).

Well, me, too. Hehe.

I was supposed to go to this spoken word event about bitterness in love, but I chose to spend a more quiet and relaxed evening with my Lovebunny. I was happier with my choice, LOL.

Anyhoo, I am still quite amused with this trend of #hugotlines, #ampalaya and #walangforever on social media that I decided to join in the bandwagon. Seems fun. 😀

Aaaand, since I want my posts to be good deeds, my good deed for the day will be to warn women about the types of men that they should avoid.

Lez go to our first No-No guy:


1. The Damaged Goods

Yep. This guy got burned from a marriage or a serious relationship.

It will be difficult to sustain a connection because he has built up a wall of distrust around him. It’s possible that he wants a relationship that’s better than what he came out of BUT! aaand it’s a big BUT! – he’s still not emotionally and mentally ready for you. I am sure you’d only fall into a roller coaster of assumptions, expectations and disappointment.

Take this to heart, run away or forever be an #abanger.


2. The Man-Child

We all love a mama’s boy. He’s adorable. He’s cute. But this one’s different.

This is a guy who just doesn’t want to grow-up.

Every night is like a college frat party. Every date involves a beer. Every weekend revolves around his friends. Ugh, it’s like you are dating a thirteen year old who’s still going through puberty.

He probably thinks cheating is cool, too. Meh. So uninteresting.

So, if you want to look 40 when you’re still in your 20s because of stress, go ahead and go crazy, but if you want a mature and meaningful relationship that will not stress the hell out of you, this is not the guy for you. Scoot!


3. The Commitment-Phobic

This guy could be an extension of the Man-Child, but not always.

This guy could have everything going for them BUT he would rather date 30 years than commit.

This is a stereotypical-bachelor-for-life kind of guy. I reiterate. FOR LIFE.

If you want to marry, have kids and build a future with someone as awesome as you, girl, you are barking up the wrong tree.


4. The Booty Caller

This guy dates for only. one. reason. ONLY ONE!

And, sorry, it’s not love.

The booty caller will likely be checking out other people while on the date with you, and not paying attention to a thing you are saying.

Instead of complimenting your mind or personality, his compliments will strictly be about your looks and will generally be suggestive in nature.

If you are looking for booty calls at 2am and sleepless nights questioning yourself if relationship labels are really necessary, then have at it, my friend.

But if you are looking for a meaningful relationship that does not revolve around boobs and booty and some other dumb shit, go the other way.

Hate this kind of guy. really. Pain the ass, literally and figuratively. Ugh.


5. The Narcissist

Warning! This guy can cause serious damages to your self-esteem and overall mental health.

This guy will love himself more than he will ever be capable of loving you.

Narcissists generally attract mates who are codependent because they are often so eager to please. Codependents are generally passive by nature and don’t like to make waves in their lives. They are often submissive and easily manipulated, while the narcissist is controlling and calculated.

A relationship with this guy will be very tumultuous. TUMULTUOUS.

If you don’t know the word. Trust me, it does not have a very pleasant meaning.

Go find someone else.


6. The Big Talker

This is the guy who makes the big plans.

He will talk about romantic trips you two are going to take, a wedding, children and home ownership.

He is all about the talk and never about the action.

Something will always come up, or he’ll pretend the conversation never happened to begin with. He will get your hopes up and let you down so often that you learn to put little to no faith in anything he ever says.

Avoid pain and disappointment and just date someone who’s got his feet on the ground.


Whew! That was… bitter. LOL.

Anyhoo, please note!

I love men. I am currently in love with an amazing man and I have awesome male friends who are a far cry from the kinds of men listed above.

I did not post this because I hate men. I condone misandry and am not, and never will be, a man-hater. I wholeheartedly believe that there are A LOT of good men out there who deserve a good woman’s love and who’s also had his fair share of bumping into one or more not-so-good kind of woman in the dating pool.

This is my first post for the topic of “hugot lines” and I will be posting something of this sort meant for men. Don’t worry my dear men, I got something for you,too. ❤

Peace, love and hugot pa more,



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Bunny Shares: Cheap DIY Hair Bleaching / Dyeing, Part 03

Yey! Part 03! 🙂

For Pre-bleach/dye info check out Part 01: Reminders and Part 02:Review.

Please check ’em out before scrolling down, ayt?!

This post will cover my latest hair color/dye experience using a cheap, local brand.


Let’s start with the basics.


  • A ratty, old shirt that you can mess up:

Old, highschool P.E. shirt

  • Petroleum jelly

Cheap tub of Petroleum jelly from SM Bonus

  • Plastic gloves

Disposable plastic gloves

  • Plastic hair cap (optional but recommended especially if you have long hair)

Disposable plastic hair caps. Available at HBC for 14 pesos per 2 hair caps.

  • Plastic tinting brush

Available at Watson’s for less than 150 pesos. This is sold with a plastic mixing bowl.

  • Plastic comb

A regular plastic comb wide enough to remove tangled hair and even out hair dye.

  • Plastic mixing bowl

Available at Watson’s for less than 150 pesos. This is sold with a tinting brush.

  • Keratin oil treatment

2 sachets for 35 pesos at HBC

  • Color / tint cream

Available at HBC for 185 pesos per box

  • Developer / Oxidizing agent

Sold for 35 pesos per bottle at HBC. One (1) color cream needs two (2) bottles of developer. 12% volume produces a higher lift or lighter bleach.

*Important! Please avoid using metallic tools (metallic comb, mixing bowl, etc) for hair dying/bleaching. The metallic components can affect the safety/efficacy of the hair bleach/dye agents.

*Another reminder! Do not throw the color cream’s box. It contains instructions, guidelines, ingredients, etc. that you will need. Make sure that you have read and understood everything that’s written in the color cream’s box before proceeding.


Step 01: Slather on a good amount of petroleum jelly on your hairline, nape and ears to avoid staining them.

Check your hair condition and make sure that your hair is clean and dry before the dyeing process. This is my hair condition before dyeing. I have brown streaks because I dyed my hair dark brown 6 months ago.

Step 02: Take out the color cream’s box, cut it to expose the information inside. Read and reread it while you are doing the dyeing process.

The box’s info covers the pre-dye, dye mixture prep and application processes.

Take note of the difference in application and color development time for each hair condition.

Step 03: Mix one color cream tube with 2 bottles of developer in a plastic mixing bowl.

The color cream looked very yellow when it was first  pumped out of the tube.

The reddish colored cream was stuck at the end of the tube.


Pump out the developer into the mixing bowl

Remember to mix two (2) bottles for every one (1) color cream tube

Mix the two well using your tinting brush

Try to get a good consistency. The Light Ruby variant that I bought turned out purplish after mixing.

Step 04: Work through your hair in sections. It is better to have someone dye your hair for you.


Step 05: Cover every inch of your hair with the hair dye mixture. You can spritz water onto your hair mid-process to ensure an even color.

Few seconds after application. The mixture was very purple.

Step 06: Stay put and wait for the color to develop.

The mixture became reddish after 15 minutes.


30 mins of waiting time and it was already reddish orange. A little itchy already.

Step 07: Rinse your hair with tap water, preferably lukewarm. Rinse until water runs clean. Do not use shampoo!

Step 08: Towel dry hair. *Note: It is better to use a DARK-COLORED TOWEL.

This is my sister, LOL. She colored her ends with the same mixture I used.

Step 09: While still damp, massage the Keratin oil onto hair. Cover with hair cap and allow to process for 30 minutes.

Still my sister, LOL. She massaged the Keratin oil on her hair, scalp and ends. I did the same thing.


Step 10: Rinse Keratin oil and do not use shampoo.

Step 11: Towel / air / blow dry hair and admire your new hair style. Take lots of photos! LOL. 😀



new (2).JPG
Tadah! Successful ginger hair project! This photo was taken infront of a window at high noon. No filter!

Step 12: Continue using the HBC Keratin oil treatment pack instead of shampoo for at least the next three (3) days. Good luck!


I hope this post could help you with your own hair bleach/dye adventure. Part 04’s coming up! See you soon!




Ginger! ❤




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*Disclaimer: This is not a paid post by any of the mentioned brands. I am not in any way affiliated to any of them. This is a post containing my opinion based on first-hand experience. Thank you.


Bunny Shares: Cheap DIY Hair Bleaching / Dyeing, Part 02

Hello again! 🙂

This is Part 02 of my DIY hair bleaching / dyeing series.

I hope you have already read Part 01 which covers some reminders before embarking on your DIY hair journey – if you haven’t yet, please click here –> DIY hair bleaching/dyeing, Part 01

I highly recommend that you read Part 01 first. Please do. Please? Yes? YES!

Anyhoo, let’s call this post my “Cheap DIY Hair Bleach/Dye review”

Lez start!

Image from Alibaba.com

  • Product name: HANZHIXIU
  • Price: 15 – 25 pesos per box
  • Where to buy: Local Chinese or Taiwanese-owned thrift shops, Divisoria, local market, Farmer’s Cubao tiangge stalls

I bought some for 15 pesos at a Taiwanese-owned thrift shop in Binan City’s downtown area; I also bought some for 25 pesos  at one of the tiangge stalls in the uppermost floor of Farmer’s Cubao – they had more color choices in Cubao

  • What you’ll get: A small box with detailed instructions, ingredients, and how-tos. Two small bottles – one contains the developer and the other is for the tint/color.
  • Purpose: Hair coloring – can be used to achieve hair color sported by anime characters or by Ronald McDonald (like what my friend wanted and achieved – but, beware, she left it on her hair to process for 2 hours to develop! Eeek!).
  • Covers gray hair? – Yes, but a lighter color/dye has the tendency to make the gray hair look very brassy – imagine exposed wires, LOL.
  • Can be used for bleaching? – Yes. You can use the lightest shade, which is A-7 or Golden Yellow. It will help bleach/lift your hair color to around 1-2 shades lighter. You have to use a toner afterwards to mute the yellow/orangeness of your hair.

Image from Alibaba.com

  • Ouch rating: 10/10 – It burns, itches and stings A LOT. My scalp was red after using this. My father could only tolerate the discomfort for 15 minutes when he used it once.
  • Odor rating: 10/10 – It has a very strong and unpleasant smell.
  • Color result: Very close to what is promised on the box but it lacks luster/shine.
  • Color washes out after: Almost never. LOL. The color is permanent although the vibrancy/intensity decreases after a week.
  • Hair condition result: Very, VERY, VERRRRRY DRY! And BRITTLE!
*Bunny says: I used this once for coloring (Purplish red, A-14) and for bleaching (Golden yellow, A-7). I used vco (virgin coconut oil) and conditioner before, during and after the treatment but deeeeym, my hair still felt like dry straw after.

images (6)
Googled image of SHADES by Kolours ad

  • Product name: SHADES by Kolours
  • Price: Around 60 pesos
  • Where to buy:  It can be found in most supermarkets, drugstores, groceries, and some convenience stores. I have seen it in Shopwise, Watson’s, Mercury drug, Robinson’s Supermarket, Savemore, and 7-11.
  • What you’ll get: A really small bottle containing the powder dye, a small leaflet containing the instructions and guidelines, and a small measuring plastic cup (imagine the one included in Tempra for Kids but 3 times smaller).
  • Purpose: To cover gray hair; hair coloring is very minimal
  • Covers grey hair? – Yes
  • Can be used for bleaching? – No, because they only offer dark colors.

images (7)
Googled image of the SHADES box because my mother threw all the boxes that I’ve kept. Huhu.

  • Ouch rating: 4/10 – Burns a little, stings a little and itches a little.
  • Odor rating: 3/10 – Still smells but minimal and tolerable
  • Color result: Dark
  • Color washes out after: 3 months (as shown in their ad) but my father’s gray hair popped out after 1 month or so
  • Hair condition result:  A little drier than the usual but goes away after conditioning.
*Bunny says: Please note that if you have plans of bleaching your hair in the future, AVOID using this kind of hair coloring kit (those meant to cover gray hair). Doing so, will make it difficult for you to lift the color of your darkened hair.

Googled image

  • Product name: Bigen Powder Hair Dye
  • Price: Around 35 pesos
  • Where to buy:  It can be found in most supermarkets, drugstores, groceries, and some convenience stores.
  • What you’ll get: A small bottle containing the powder dye, and a small leaflet containing the instructions and guidelines.
  • Purpose: Hair color and gray hair coverage. Better dyeing / tinting than SHADES by Kolours.
  • Covers grey hair? – Yes
  • Can be used for bleaching? – No, I haven’t seen any light color variant . I haven’t seen any bleaching kits as well.
  • Ouch rating: 5/10
  • Odor rating: 5/10
  • Color result: Dark but with better color than SHADES by Kolours if you choose the reddish ones
  • Color washes out after: 3-6 months
  • Hair condition result:  Very dry, so a good conditioner or better yet, a keratin treatment after dyeing is a must.
*Bunny says: Bigen powder hair dye  is a good alternative to SHADES by Kolours. It's cheaper, too! BUT AGAIN! Please don't use this if you have plans of bleaching your hair in the future.

Own photo

  • Product name: Hortaleza Professional hair bleach powder
  • Price: 90 pesos
  • Where to buy:  HBC
  • What you’ll get: A plastic pouch containing powder meant for hair bleaching
  • Covers grey hair? – No, it has the tendency to make gray hair brassy
  • Can be used for bleaching? – Yes

Own photo

  • Ouch rating: 10/10 -Any bleaching agent will sting, burn, itch the hell out of your scalp
  • Odor rating: 10/10 – It will smell like your hair is being damaged because, well, it IS damaging your hair to lift the color
  • Color result: Bleached! Expect a shade that is 3-4 levels lighter than your current hair color. Think of surfer dudes’ hair with an orange tint to it if you have black / dark brown hair. A toner will help you mute and remove the orangeness of your hair.
  • Color washes out after: Never. No color to wash out, LOL. But! Retouching would depend on how fast your hair grows. Hair regrowth could show in as fast as a 2 weeks.
  • Hair condition result:  Very, VERRRY DRY! This could leave your hair brittle! Soooo conditioning beforehand is as important as after-care.
*Bunny says: Please note that you have to mix this powder with a developer before using it. Buy one from Hortaleza, it's called an oxidizing lotion and you can choose from two volumes: 9% to lift to prepare hair for color change and 12% to prepare hair for a lighter shade of color. Tip! Buy a Keratin oil treatment pack from Hortaleza when you buy your hair bleaching kit. It costs around 30 pesos. After bleaching, skip shampooing for at least 3 days and just use the Hortaleza Keratin pack. You're welcome.

Own photo

  • Product name: Silk Organics Permanent Hair Color Shampoo
  • Price: 25 pesos
  • Where to buy:  I found it at SM Savemore.
  • What you’ll get: A small pack that is divided into two sections inside – one section is for the tint/color and the other for the developer. (It kind of works like the divided plastic pouch of soy sauce and powdered flavoring included in most instant pancit canton packs). It also comes with a pair of plastic disposable gloves! Cool.
  • Purpose: Hair color
  • Covers grey hair? – Yes
  • Can be used for bleaching? – No, I haven’t seen any light color variant . I haven’t seen any bleaching kits as well.
  • Ouch rating: 1/10 – Didn’t feel anything, really. No itch, no burn, no sting
  • Odor rating: 1/10 – Fragrant and not unpleasant
  • Color result: I gather that the pack says ‘permanent hair color’ but it worked just like how ‘cellophane’ treatment in local salons work. It gave kind of like a ‘colored shine’ onto the hair. I was wondering if it should be left longer than what’s in the instructions.
  • Color washes out after: The ‘colored shine’ it gives probably lasts for 1-3 months.
  • Hair condition result:  Hair was soft and not dry after treatment.
*Bunny says: This product - according to its pack's label - is organic, contains Argan oil and does not have ammonia. It's a good shampoo with conditioner and bonus 'colored shine' effect for your hair. LOL. Tip! Recycle the gloves! Wash and keep it for future use.

Own photo

  • Product name: Bremod Professional Colourant
  • Price: Around 65 pesos
  • Where to buy:  In stores selling salon equipment and materials. Luckily, there’s one in Binan City’s downtown area.
  • What you’ll get: A tube containing color/tint cream. You still have to buy a developer before you can use it. Bremod’s own developer costs 10 pesos per bottle. One tube of color cream needs one bottle of developer. Talk about cheap.
  • Purpose: Hair coloring/dyeing
  • Covers grey hair? – Yes
  • Can be used for bleaching? – Yes. You can choose the lightest color that they have. I think they carry a platinum / white colored variant that they also call their bleaching cream.
  • Ouch rating: 5/10 – I was told that most local salons prefer this brand. I was expecting it to really hurt but it was tolerable.
  • Odor rating: 3/10 – It was fragrant; I could still smell the hydrogen peroxide but it wasn’t so unpleasant.
  • Color result: The color was very close to what was in their hair catalog. Cool.
  • Color washes out after: It’s permanent so the color does not totally wash out but it fades 1-3 months after use
  • Hair condition result:  Dry, so a good conditioner / keratin treatment after dyeing is a must.
*Bunny says: This was my go-to hair color for almost 2 years because I was really satisfied with the color result and it didn't sting so much. I think this is a safer way to bleach hair (using their lightest shade) than HBC bleaching powder but you'd have to bleach at least 3 times to achieve an acceptable color of bleached hair. Aaand you'd still have to tone it. Tip! The brand, Bremod is a well-known brand among local salons and they carry a whole array of hair treatment materials. Take advantage and buy their big tub of Keratin Oil treatment! It costs only 180 pesos! What a steaaaaaal!

Own photo

  • Product name: Hortaleza Professional Hair Coloring Cream
  • Price:  185 pesos
  • Where to buy:  HBC
  • What you’ll get: A tube containing color/tint cream. You still have to buy a developer before you can use it. Hortaleza’s own oxidizing lotion costs 35 pesos per bottle. One tube needs 2 bottles of developer.
  • Purpose: Hair coloring/dyeing
  • Covers grey hair? – Yes
  • Can be used for bleaching? – Yes. Hortaleza has a bleaching powder available but this product line also carries a bleaching cream which is the lightest color that the line carries.
  • Ouch rating: 3/10 – I was really happy that it didn’t sting so much, it was just a little itchy when it was already time for me to wash it out.
  • Odor rating: 1/10 – Not so fragrant; it didn’t have any strong odor – fragrant or otherwise
  • Color result: The color was very close to what was in their hair catalog. I was amazed.
  • Color washes out after: It’s permanent so the color does not totally wash out but it will probably fade 1-3 months after use
  • Hair condition result:  Very dry, so a good conditioner / keratin treatment after dyeing is a must.
*Bunny says: I know that this is almost three times more expensive than Bremod but given the gentleness of the mixed cream during the developing process, I have decided to switch to Hortaleza. I am happy that a local brand is this good. I have tried other more expensive, over-the-counter brands like L'oreal, Revlon, etc. (you name it, I probably have tried it, LOL) and I am confident to say that this product is almost (90%) at par with them in terms of the color result and comfort of usage. Although it's not an all-in-one hair bleach/dye kit where you are already provided with tools and after-care, buying your keratin oil treatment, gloves, etc. at the HBC store will not really break the bank. In my experience, it's the best one yet, and Hortaleza is a great go-to store for diy hair treatment needs. Highly recommended!

*Note! It is important to always take your current hair color (dark, bleached, etc), hair condition (virgin, dry, damaged, etc.) and previous hair treatments (rebonded, permed, bleached, darkened, etc) into consideration before choosing your color and color kit. It will highly, HIGHLY! affect your bleaching/dyeing results.

Alrighty, I think I have shared an extensive list of the cheapest ones I have tried. Soooo, have you decided yet? Hope I can hear about your diy hair adventures, too! 🙂



Part 03’s coming up,




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*Disclaimer: This is not a paid post by any of the mentioned brands. I am not in any way affiliated to any of them. This is a post containing my opinion based on first-hand experience. Thank you.

Bunny Shares: Cheap DIY Hair Bleaching / Dyeing, Part 01


I missed writing here, huhu (⌣_⌣”)

Anyhoo, to make it up to you and to myself, my good deed for the day will all be about sharing what I know about DIY hair bleaching / dyeing.

Given that I’m such a scrooge, rest assure that I will share the cheapest ways I know on how to bleach or dye your hair at home.

I will be doing a series of posts about DIY hair bleaching/dyeing, so prepare for a long ride. 🙂

images (4)
Image from Google

OMG. I missed listing down things so much!

Alrighty, let’s start with some friendly reminders:

  • Bleaching / dyeing can HARM your hair or even your health. Bleaching / dyeing materials are loaded with chemicals that are made to damage your hair. Yep. Google “negative effects of bleaching / dyeing” and you would surely get information about them possibly being carcinogenic, too. Hmm. I’ll give you a few minutes to digest that.
  • Research first. Stock up your knowledge about hair coloring materials and processes, after-care and maintenance. There are a lot of blog posts about hair color reviews, etc. They’re free! Take advantage.

Screenshot of my Google search

  • Know your skin tone. Like make-up, the color of your hair must complement your skin – a mismatch can ruin your overall appearance aaand prolly leave you with a bad hair day, everyday! Yikes.

Image from Google

  • Ask away. Don’t be afraid to ask your mom, friend, stylist, colleague, crush (heehee) etc. of their opinion, help and possible diy hair adventure experiences. I’m sure they have one or two up their sleeves. Come to think of it, this is a good excuse to talk to your crush. Hart hart. You are welcome.
  • Buy the necessary tools. Yep. Buy it. Once you have tried to bleach or dye your hair at home, I am betting that there’s 99% chance you’d be doing it again. So, cut the unnecessary struggle of having stained nails, uneven hair color, etc. and just get some decent tools to help you out. You’d thank me later.

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*Tip: Watson's has a 150-peso hair dye tool kit that includes a comb/brush and mixing bowl while Daiso/Saizen/Japan88 store has an 88-peso kit that includes gloves, cape, plastic ear caps and tinting brush. I bought both and I already have a complete hair dye kit for less than 300 pesos. Cheap, eh?
  • Read the labels and instructions. They are there for a reason and that is to LIMIT you in making stupid decisions from assumptions. Read, read, reaaaaaaad!
  • Prepare your hair at least 3 days before the color treatment. And that means you have to CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION your hair even before you do it. I know that you would later destroy it, LOL, but to lessen the damage, condition beforehand. I have heard others say that conditioning before coloring or bleaching can probably lessen the intensity of the lift or color but based on my experience, it has made the color of my hair more vibrant. #truestorybro 🙂

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*Tip: I condition my hair with extra virgin olive oil / pure virgin coconut oil at least 3 days before I dye/bleach, and after years of doing diy hair treatments, my hair is still doing okay (normal hair fall, soft, not dry, looks healthy enough) . I usually massage the oil before going to bed and leave it on overnight (preferably with a night cap). Results? An oily face because I usually forget putting a night cap on. LOL. But, I have a thicker albeit a little coarser texture of hair in the morning. The coarseness goes away after a good shampoo.
  • Do a skin allergy test beforehand. We have already agreed earlier that hair bleach/dye agents contain harmful chemicals so do yourself a favor and do a 24/48-hour skin test beforehand. This is of utmost important especially if you know that your skin is more sensitive than most.
  • Try to document your hair journey.  This will help you compare how better / worse you look after your hair bleach/dye. It is not necessary but I highly recommend it because it will be easier for you to choose a better hair color next time. Plus! You can blog about it! LOL.

Ginger hair days. January 2014

I hope Part 1 helped you decide whether you are ready for a diy hair bleach/dye!

See you on Part 2!








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Bunny Beeps: Salita, Part 1


Ang iyong mga salita ay parang masalimuot at matamis na kanta

Na isinigaw mo sa kuweba

At ibabalik sa’yo ng iyong minamahal

Pinaghalo halong pagnanais, hiling at pangamba



Na ang iyong mga salita ay hindi gapos

Na magbibigay takot sa iyong minamahal

Ito ay ang daluyong

Na magbibigay ng ngiti

At magbubukas ng pinto

Ng bawat umaga

Hindi ito rehas ng mga pangako

Ito ay ang susi sa paglaya

Ng mga kalungkutan mong pinakakatago tago

Na ihahain mo sa iyong minamahal

At lalaki, huwag kang matatakot

dahil ito’y buong pusong tatanggapin

Nang walang kasamang paglimot

Sa bawat luha at paghihirap mo.



Huwag matakot na tangayin ng alon ang iyong iniingatang mga salita

Kasama ang bangkang papel na ginawa mo noong ika’y lima

Noong kahit hindi ka pa ganoon katatas magsalita

Alam mo, ramdam mo

Na hindi magtatagal

Ang hangin ay susunod sa yabag ng puso mo

At ihahatid nito

Ang iyong lantsa tungo sa dalampasigan ng ligaya ng iyong minamahal, oo


Alam mo

Na ang iyong mga salita

Ay hindi parang kalapating pinakain at inalagaan

Na kapag iyong binitawan

Isang palakpak lang

At ikaw ay babalikan

Ito ay magpaparami at mananahan

Sa kaloob looban ng puso at isipan ng iyong minamahal


Ito ay hindi isang mainit na palad

Na sasampal

Sa mamula mulang mukha

Ng iyong minamahal

Ang lihim ay lalatay tulad ng tinik ng latigo

Sa malalambot na pisngi

Nagsama samang luha, at pighati, sakit, hindi


Hindi ito mabubutong kamao

Na magpapatigil sa pagdaloy ng dugo

Sa mukha, paa, binti, sikmura

Na pupunit sa bawat linyang nagbibigay ng buhay at pulso

Na magpapalimot sa bawat iningatang alaala at gunita

Mukha, paa, binti, sikmura, ang iyong minamahal, lalaki



Ang iyong mga salita ay parang masalimuot at matamis na kanta

Na isinigaw mo sa kuweba

At ibabalik sa’yo ng iyong minamahal

Pinaghalo halong pagnanais, hiling at pangamba


Ang iyong mga salita

Ay parang lamig na dala ng amihan

Hinihintay at hihimlay

Sa bawat gabi ng pagtulog ng puso at isipan ng iyong mahal

Babalik balikan upang sipatin at hawakan

Dahil ang iyong mga salita

Ay hindi lamang naririnig ng iyong mahal

Ito ay naaamoy, natitikman, nahahawakan, nakikita

Na para bang init na dala

Ng paborito mong kape sa umaga

Sa iyong katawan

Hinihintay at hihimlay

Sa bawat umaga ng paggising ng puso at isipan ng iyong mahal


Sa huli


Na ang iyong mga salita

Ay kasing lakas at tatag lamang ng iyong mga gawa

Na gabi gabi mong binubuo

Sa saliw ng mga ambisyon

At pangarap mong isinilid sa kahon

Na parang alkansya mo ng tagumpay

At huwag kang mag-alala

Dahil lahat ng iya’y magiging tunay

Isabay mo sa kumpas ng kamay

At daliri ng pagmamahal

Ng iyong minamahal


At kasama mong lumikha


At lilikha

Sa bawat letra ng iyong mga salita.









Yoohoooooo ❤ ,




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P.S.: Para kay Mam Gaying (Ligaya Tiamson-Rubin, guro ng Filipino mula sa UPD CAL), salamat dahil naalala ko pa din po ang inyong mga itinuro kahit minsan ko lamang po kayo naging guro. Patawad po, hindi talaga ako nagbilang. 🙂




Bunny Beeps: I like B

my good deed for the day is a good deed for my partner — and for anyone who is looking for inspiration on how to see his/her partner in a better and more positive light

Hi! It’s been awhile and I’ve missed writing!

Anyhoo, I haven’t given an update about my – ahem – romantic endeavors, and I am happy to say that I have found my ❤ ! 🙂 Amazing, right?! I knoooow! *dies momentarily due to happiness, but is revived immediately due to same happiness*

He’s such an amazing guy.

Being inspired by all this “awesomeness” of my partner, I had a spontaneous idea of listing down the things that I really like about him and I thought…

“Hey, I can make something really cool out of it by using the “I Like Myself” game.”

If you’re not familiar with it, I played the original game on my previous post, “I Like Bem.”

It’s an awesome game that anyone can do whenever in need of a short and sweet self-esteem boost.

While playing the game I realized how important it is for a person in a relationship to always remember why his/her partner is so awesome it would be crazy not choose him/her.

So, my good deed for the day is a good deed for my partner — and for anyone who is looking for inspiration on how to see his/her partner in a better and more positive light.

**Important note: To play the game, one must list down the things they like about themselves (or his/her partner, any other person, etc) and make sure to FOCUS ONLY ON THE POSITIVE attributes. Clear?  Alrighty!

Let me call my ❤ , B… Like the 2nd letter of the alphabet. Kewl, eh? Let’s start! ❤


I like B


I like B, I really do


I like that his voice fills up the room with his wit and humor. I like that he is generous with his family, friends and even with his neighbor.


I like that he is warm with people from all walks of life and he never fails to empathize with those who might not have enough bread for a night.


I like that he is brave enough to face his own demons and humble enough to accept and learn from his mistakes. I like that he will not disappoint me in protecting my heart, whatever it takes,


I like that he follows through with his promises with much consistency and devotion. I like that he helped me heal and learn again to trust another person.


I like that he makes it a point to prioritize his life with me and the people that matter. I like that he works hard to pursue his dreams despite opportunities come like butterfly — fleeting and quick to flutter.


I like that he showers me with all his love and affection. I like that he never fails to give me his quality time and focused attention.


I like that he knows when to lend me a hand and when to trust that with my own two feet, I can stand. I like that he is always by my side and he will never ever leave, even if all our favorite bands decide to disband.


I like that he’s my home and with him I am at my safest — I may not have wings but with him, I can fly.


I like that with me he is also at his safest — I am his home and with me, he can be real — he can even cry.


It’s awesome how I thought this is a good deed for my partner but, come to think of it — this is more of a good deed for myself.


Because then I could go on through out the day knowing in my heart that I know why I value what I value…

And most of the time, it’s the answer that we need to continue doing what we do.

Ain’t that right, my friend? 🙂



Change the world with love and positivity ! Yesssir!

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Bembunny ❤


“I Like Myself” game example

I Like Bem


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Newest Tambayan in the South: MAGINHAWA STREATERY

Goin’ South?

There’s a new burger joint that’s rolling in the streets of Muntinlupa City — and by rolling, I mean literally.

This newest addition to the city’s thriving foodie community is a food truck serving freshly-made flame-grilled burgers, sisig tacos, nachos, buffalo wings, and more.

Maginhawa Streatery food truck is a product cooked-up by 3 friends and a chef.

The truck combines a rough and raw ambiance with a variety of delicious food that makes eating at the streets an awesome treat.

Check out their menu! Kewl, eh?

Variety + yummyness + witty names + affordability = Awesome!

Parked along Muntinlupa City’s national hi-way 🙂

The truck’s first day on the streets was a hit!

A customer checks out the chefs inside the food truck.

A group of three enjoys their freshly-made burgers with fries and lemonade.

Friends enjoying their own set of burgers and nachos.

A group of friends enjoying beer at the rear area of the truck.

The area was packed! Whew!

I personally tried their single patty burger with egg, bacon and cheese that I paired with nachos and buffalo wings — I know it’s a lot, don’t judge me. All I can say is, it was awesooome! Especially with beer.

I don’t have photos of my orders because I ate everything before I could remember to take a photo (ugh!) but what I liked is the burger patty’s juiciness — it instantly tells me that it was freshly made. I also liked the freedom of choosing an add-on. I like putting bacon on everything so, yey!

I found a favorite — their nachos topped with sisig. I can imagine eating it while watching a good movie with friends.

I’ll go back and make sure to put up photos of their amazing food, but in the meantime… GO VISIT THEM!


Maginhawa Streatery’s location:

Infront of RMT Industrial Complex, National Hi-way, Muntinlupa City

Mondays to Saturdays

6:00 PM to 12 MN


Like their page:

Maginhawa Streatery Facebook page

Follow them on Instagram:



See yah there!



My favorite ‘f’ word is food ❤ ,

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Bunny Preps: Baler, baby, Baler! – WHAT TO PREPARE

I’m so excited… and I just can’t hide it…

I’m planning another trip to Baler. Woohoo!

I think that’s one of the best parts of a trip. The PLANNING.

Just typing the word even makes my heart skip a beat! Eep! ❤

Okay, before I zone out and go to lalaland, let me give you a rundown on some of the things that I think will be necessary for a trip to Baler.


This is probably the most important thing to bring… ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

  • VMV Armada Post Procedure Barrier Cream 50+ or VMV Armada Sport 70+ — for super sensitive skin
  • Kojiesan Kids Sunblock SPF30 (I know it’s for kids, don’t judge me) — I use this for my daily afteroon jogs and it has not failed me yet
  • Kojiesan Sunblock Sports SPF50 — I did not get any sunburns despite swimming at high noon
  • Belo Essentials SunExpert Lotion and Face sunscreen — WARNING! I got sunburns all over my face and body despite being under the sun from 9 am ’til 11 am only
  • Banana Boat sunscreen range — this is one of the cheapest that I’ve tried and yet I am most satisfied with it. I have never experienced a burn using it despite swimming from 9 am ’til 3 pm in Puka Beach, Boracay. I only applied it twice back then and I got a tan but not a burn. Sweet.


I have underestimated the necessity of having a rash guard every time I go to the beach. I’ve learned the hard way by getting some serious sunburns on my back and shoulders when we went  up north to La Union. After 6 months, my skin still has not fully recovered. *sniff*

  • Quiksilver — one of the well known, mainstream brands FOR MEN ONLY. According to most surfers and wannabe surfers, this brand is far better than Billabong. My best tip, wait for their sale season and order online. You can get up to 70% off there –> CLICK HERE FOR QUICKSILVER PHILIPPINES’ website (Note: Billabong has no online website yet for PH)
  • Roxy — Quiksilver’s counterpart brand FOR WOMEN ONLY. Yep. You can also order online. Subscribe to their newsletter, and get first dibs on their sale and other cool sporty info. Kewl. —> CLICK HERE FOR ROXY PHILIPPINES’ website

Watchusay?! You are LOW ON BUDGET?! Fret not! There are cheap rashguards available all around the metro. Here are my go-to places for cheap swim & surf clothing:

  • Landmark Makati — for cheap rashguards, and everything else, there’s Landmark Makati. Yep. Rashguard prices there range from 350 PHP ’til 500 PHP. I know they don’t have ultra SPF protection and anti-mutant technology that most expensive brands have – but hey, you’d get protection for your skin from the sun and from stingy jellyfishes at a reasonable price- and that’s your main goal anyway.
  • Instagram — yep. You read it right. There are a lot of sellers in instagram that offer cheap rashguards. I even saw one that sell customized ones (@soakedph). Super Awesome! Just use the hashtag #rashguardph. Tip: Be wary of fake sellers. Do not hesitate to ask for their feedback and shipping proof especially if you feel and see something doubtful on their account.
 Disclaimer: I am neither paid by Quiksilver, Roxy, IG sellers nor by Landmark Makati. 🙂


I know they always say there’s nothing as awesome as traveling and getting lost; but getting lost could also mean headaches, budget shortage and stress – not cool.

So, before heading out with your super kewl surfing gear, make sure you know where the hell you’re headed to.

I have a post dedicated to travel directions to Baler —> BALER TRAVEL DIRECTIONS


As with all travel adventures it’s still best to have your:

  • Map (if driving)
  • Transpo ticket (if commuting)
  • GPS (optional but cool)

No worries, I  wrote a post focusing on travel directions to Baler so just click here: BALER TRAVEL DIRECTIONS


This is your travel prep’s cherry on top.

I know that you are already well aware that the best way to have an awesome adventure starts with research.

Finding out where to go, what to eat, and what to do in any place that you are traveling to is always the first step – the same reason why you’re here on my page.

Your homework then is to put all of your research into a comprehensive and easy-to-follow itinerary – not so fun, I assume.

To lessen your work, I have here a sample itinerary that you can follow:



Like all my other itineraries, I have printer & edit-friendly versions for you! You’re welcome. 🙂

PRINT-friendly: Baler Itinerary

EDIT-friendly: Baler Itinerary


For all other things that you might need to consider for an adventure, check out my other posts here:

Camping + Overnight Tips

Camping + Overnight Preparations

Travel Preparations





Lists = Love ❤

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Bunny Reblogs: In Defense Of Monogamy (As Written By A Man Who Loves To Seduce)

The original post is found here: http://www.yourtango.com/20085954/what-to-expect-when-youre-monogamous . I just decided to have a copy of it here on my blog so that I could read it from time to time. 🙂
A serial seducer admits that “monogamy is a majesty worth fighting for.”

I’m single, 40, and have dated more than any good man should. Add to that the fact that Ilove women, I love seducing, and my ego is clearly invested in the power it gives me, and something tells me I’m not the man you’d think would advocate devotion and fidelity. But the truth is, I’m a closet monogamist.

It doesn’t come easily (it might not even come naturally), but at the end of the day, I think monogamy is a majesty worth fighting for. Many of the reasons are obvious: the comfort, having a good-guy reputation, the regular and maybe even condom-free sex, but there are some that might surprise you.

One of them is the fight itself. Monogamy is one of those rare things where both the reward and the struggle alone each justify the effort. Striving to be monogamous helps us focus on things that make us better people. Of course socio-biologists want to say that men have “natural” inclinations against monogamy, that when we were still wearing pelts, there were no relationships and the survival of the species depended on our attempts to impregnate as many hominid females as we could.

Could be true, but what of it? In the same way that today I choose to grill my buffalo burger rather than eat it raw — and enjoy it a hell of a lot more that way — cultured man can benefit by not simply giving in to his prehistoric impulses, because now his nature is something different, larger.

We’ve evolved so that sex can (and should!) be a lot more than just the delivery of semen, and monogamy helps set us on that course.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m aware that being monogamous is a lot more challenging than lighting a charcoal grill. I confess to having the stereotypical male skin-level desire: my eyes see, sometimes my insides shudder, and a few times a day some part of me can’t help wonder what it would be like to sleep with this woman or that. We all know that most men are like this, but the civilized among us make themselves as immune as possible.

It’s harder to describe is the psychology and identity behind that desire. It took me a long time to realize how much attention I need as a person and that, despite all the confidence I have and successes I’ve had in various quadrants of my life, a lot of me still just wants to believe that I’m liked. As men we’re taught to be independent and self-sufficient, but few of us are or can or even should be.

We need other people for all kinds of reasons, and part of us needs to know that we can affect them. Seduction does that – for both men and women – giving us the sense that someone wants us, endorses us, will let us influence them. We know that men often try toseduce women like they try to make money, for power and prestige, but when you look deeper you see that it’s more than just belt-notching: sex and seduction help us believe in ourselves and that can be a tough thing to give up. But the last few sentences actually frame the other side of the problem:

As men, we want to form our identity, but we rarely realize how much not other peoplebut a single personcan help do that.

Many, perhaps most, of us dream of spending our lives with a partner, having all the comfort, intimacy, trust and history that one can only gather by getting together with someone and staying together. But what’s not on that list of benefits is “self” — and that’s the key to it all. We think we achieve self by influencing and seducing, doing and building and earning, but a lot of men never experience the deeper, more meaningful self that can be achieved in the sharing and communing, trials and triumphs, with a lifelong partner.

Of course I’m talking about the right partner in the right circumstances but here, too, monogamy can help. If you’re in a relationship and finding yourself really wanting to act on the messages your nether side is sending, it’s time for some heavy-duty examination — of your relationship and of yourself. Self should come first, asking the question of what’s really going on. Is the new woman just attractive and you feel the twitch? If so, remember that your fantasy might well be better than the realization would be.

Or has it been a long time since you’ve been with someone new? Okay, that might be tough but why? Maybe it means the sex in your relationship has gone stagnant (is that your fault? your partner’s? Is it laziness or are there deeper problems? All this should be explored). If that’s the case, perhaps you’re just missing the physical pleasure and you should try to resurrect your lovelife with your current partner first. Men and women certainly stray less if they’re happy with what they have at home.

But maybe your sex life is fine with your partner, but you’re missing the seduction thrill. That means that your sense of self isn’t what it needs to be and here, too, you have to ask if you’re not doing enough or if your partner is not doing what you need — or both. Feeling the need to seduce should be a wake-up call that you’re not getting the ego satisfaction that’s necessary from the other areas of your life. You should probably try to work on those before you go and cheat on the partner you love.

Or perhaps it is the relationship: you’re not having sex because your partner doesn’t want to or you don’t want to and you want to cheat because they’re not making you feel how you need to feel. But, again, it’s worth trying to salvage the relationship before you run out and get with someone else. Infidelity is a symptom, not a solution. Ultimately the impulse to cheat might help you get out of a bad relationship but first you need to see if the relationship is worth trying to hold on to. Striving for monogamy helps you get the most out of a partnership by facing the challenges head-on—the only way that works.

It’s clear that none of these questions is about the supposed object of the cheating desire; they’re about you and your relationship and how those things are doing. (And if you’re asking yourself if the new person would be “better for you” than the person you’re with, remember that you probably barely know them, are thinking wishfully, and that eventually they’ll have their ticks and foibles and annoyances like your current partner, too). That’s why I think monogamy is worth fighting for because ultimately the fight is not to keep yourself from straying, it’s to help yourself become a person that, with the love of the right partner, can get the fulfillment, joy, and self that you need, without having to scratch the libidinal itch for someone else.

Yes, it’s very daunting to think that you might only have sex with one person for the rest of your life, but at the same time, maybe it just requires a rethinking of what sex means.

The key to long-term sexual happiness is to have sex be less about seduction, ego, and the symbolic sense of power and more about pleasure, feeling, and expression of intimacy. With that model, the best sex is sex with someone you know and love and it should get better and better. I understand that there are only so many ways of having sex and you might sometimes feel in a rut, but truthfully that’s just a challenge to expand your habits, leave your comfort zones, and grow as a person with your partner. Every challenge to having a fuller sex life with someone you love makes you a better person – more creative, expressive, and self-aware.

Sex with only one person is the hard way, but it’s the way that makes us grow and develop to be the fullest people we can be. Most impulses toward infidelity are ultimately either passing physical blips or signs that something else is wrong. If you go after the problems themselves, then the band-aid solution of cheating stops being worth it. You’ve addressed the problem at its source and you have the reward of that much richer a relationship, a self, or both.



Monogamy = SEXY,

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Bunny Preps: Newbie Guide to Mt. Batulao Camping + Overnight Preparation


Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 8.04.18 PM.png

Hey, hey, hey! 🙂

Once again, my friends and I are enticed to seek and explore one of the many mountains in Batangas.

Since we consider ourselves newbie hikers, we decided to hike a mountain that’s around 4/9 in difficulty.

And after much delegation, we decided on — Mt. Batulao!

We know that it’s a newbie and day-hike favorite so we thought it will be a fun and easy weekend climb for our mid-May trip. Sweet!

Well, yes, it’s going to happen mid-May and that’s two weeks from now, but we’d like to think that preparation is better than… well, not being prepared, so, here we go!


Nasugbu, Batangas
Jump-off point: Evercrest Golf Course, Nasugbu
LLA: 14.0408 N 120.8011 E 811 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-4 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 3 with 60-70 degrees assault
Features: Open trails, rolling slopes, scenic views of Batangas


As per usual,  driving and commuting directions shared here will be from Alabang because we live south of Manila. The directions will point you to the jump-off point which is Evercrest Golf Course.

Driving Directions


Commuting Directions

I haven’t checked yet if there are direct vans / buses that would pass by Evercrest from Alabang, but here are two (3) routes that you can try:

1. Alabang – Tagaytay – Nasugbu

Take a van in Alabang en route to Tagaytay and then take a bus to Nasugbu. Make sure to ask the driver if they will  be able to drop you off at Evercrest.

2. Alabang – Robinsons Dasma – Nasugbu

Take a van in Alabang en route to Robinsons Dasma then take a van/bus to Nasugbu. Alight at Evercrest.

Based from experience, the drivers in Cavite / Batangas are very gracious in giving proper directions. Don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Alabang – South-West Integrated Provincial Transport Terminal (SWIPTS), Coastal Mall – Nasugbu

There are jeepneys bound for SWIPTS / Coastal Mall from Alabang, however if you can’t get a hold of that, ride a bus en route to EDSA and then take another bus en route to MIA / NAIA – they will take you to SWIPTS / Coastal Mall. Buses to Nasugbu will then be available for you at the terminal in Coastal Mall. Alight at Evercrest.


Like they always say, “Safety first!”

Don’t be lazy. Check the weather at least 3 days ahead before a trip.


For a more detailed forecast, click here —> BATULAO WEATHER


  • Loads of Vitamin D – yep, you’ll be getting a LOT of sun exposure
  • Sudden changes in the weather – even if it’s summer and we have a dry spell in the country, expect the unexpected. Be ready for gusty winds and sudden rains.
  • Tests of your physical strength – there will be lots of walking on flat areas, lots of walking on inclined areas, jumping, rappelling – you get the drift.
  • Animal dung – the trail leading to Batulao’s peak have a few residents living with cows, horses, etc.
  • Two trails – Batulao has two trails to choose from. The old trail is more challenging.
  • Throngs of people – Batulao is a day-hike favorite, there will surely be a lot of people hiking there especially during the weekends.
  • Scenic views of Batangas – of course, prepare to get blown away by Mother Nature’s creativity
  • New friends – people who are going through strenuous activities and are sweating their asses off are surely loaded with happy hormones. Prepare to be greeted along the trail and be sure to say something nice to them, too
  • New, random, life lessons – 🙂


Who says you can’t be fashionable while working your ass up a mountain? Check out the photos below to get inspiration about the kinds of things you might need to wear for a hike.

*TIP!* If you only have short-sleeved shirts, buy arm sleeves – it’s cheaper than buying a new piece of clothing. Same thing if you only have shorts – buy leggings or high socks.

For women

For men

If you are wondering where to buy cheap hiking sandals, check out my post here —> PICO DE LORO TIPS





You can download the checklist here for free —> HIKING CHECKLIST




Expect to shell out 1,000 php per person for the trip.

*Important Update (as of October 2015): DENR has enforced a new law. Everyone (single hiker or hiking group) is now REQUIRED TO HAVE A GUIDE. This is whether you are a newbie or seasoned hiker.  Please take this into account when computing for your projected expenses. Usual guide fees start from 400 pesos.*


Alright! I think I’ve already covered the whats, hows and where for a newbie trip to Batulao.

See you at the peak!


*Note: For my friends who will hike with me this upcoming May 23rd. Please click here for our checklist and projected itinerary —> Bembunny-Batulao-Preps-Checklist (Final and Updated)


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